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Voices from the Community

”The Identity Theft Council is an unprecedented coalition of national and community-based organizations who are taking on the challenge of fighting ID theft and helping victims recover from its devastating impact. The Better Business Bureau is proud to be supporting this important grassroots initiative to help consumers fight fraud.”
Stephen A. Cox, President and CEO of the Council of Better Business Bureaus

“We see the struggles of identity theft victims first hand on a daily basis. We know how hard it is for victims to find the reassurance and support they need to get through the tough times and that is why we are happy to see the work the Identity Theft Council has been doing in the San Francisco community. We are thrilled to not only be a supporter of the council but also to be a resource for the organization and the victims they are helping.”
Anne Wallace, President, ITAC, Identity Theft Assistance Center

“For 14 years, Intersections has been a pioneer in the identity theft protection industry, and we’ve made it our top priority to serve as a source of trusted information for consumers.  The Identity Theft Council’s goals align very closely with our mission—to help empower and protect identity theft victims through education and support.   So we are thrilled to be the founding partner of this initiative that allows us to give back to the community in a very practical and powerful way.”
Michael Stanfield, CEO and Founder, Intersections Inc.

“The Identity Theft Council takes an innovative approach to tackling the problem of identity theft. With its unique peer-to-peer education program that collaborates with schools, seniors and local organizations, this program can help protect Californians in many communities across the state.”
Senator Mark Leno (D-San Francisco)

"Any police department that wants to be seen as progressive and responsive to their community would certainly be remiss if they didn't seize the opportunity to have something like the Identity Theft Council available for its community."

Chief Ron Ace, Chief of Police, Hayward California.

"The main problem for victims is the aftermath of what happened, and not necessarily just the crime itself. With Identity Theft Councils, victims now have somebody to talk to, a real voice, a real person who cares about what they're going through and can talk them through the pile of paperwork that they're going to have to fill out. It's a great victim advocacy tool."
Inspector Anne Madrid, Hayward Police Department, California.

"My hope is that not only will this exciting program help residents and businesses in our community, it will serve as a model and example that can be adopted by communities across America, so that by working together, sharing expertise, and supporting our citizens, we can make our communities less vulnerable to this crime."
Nancy O'Malley, Alameda County District Attorney, California

"Identity theft is at record levels, and the elderly are especially vulnerable. By partnering with the Identity Theft Council we can now do so much more to protect this vulnerable group."
Jenefer Duane, Founder, Elder Financial Protection Network

"As a victim of identity theft, I wish there had been an Identity Theft Council to help me. I'm proud to be a part of the Identity theft Council so my experience can help other victims."
Karen Lodrick, victim, advocate, blogger.

"OTA recognizes the importance of user education and awareness in conjunction with businesses providing teachable moments in preventing identity theft. We are proud to be collaborating with the Identity Theft Council's efforts to support victims and improve awareness." 

Craig Spiezle, Executive Director and Founder, the Online Trust Alliance.

 "Because consumers fall victim to identity theft every day, many credit unions are looking for ways to increase their members' awareness on this important issue. The new Identity Theft Council, which includes several Northern California credit unions, is a great step to help educate consumers and combat identity theft. Participating credit unions, including Patelco Credit Union, Redwood Credit Union, Spectrum Federal Credit Union, and San Francisco Federal Credit Union, will be a great resource to the Council."

Rita Fillingane
Director, Research & Information
California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues