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Become a Member

The Identity Theft Council relies on the support of its members. As a member you'll be taking lead role in a unique local community initiative that's of national importance.

Your membership will help law enforcement's efforts to support victims around the country, and help ease the burden on victims and on the financial community.

And you''ll also have the opportunity to generate publicity, build brand awareness, and meet new customers in your community.Identity-Theft-Council-Seal

Membership benefits include:

  • Board membership of your local Identity Theft Council.
  • The Identity Theft Council membership seal for use on your web site and on marketing materials.
  • The Identity Theft Council membership decal for use in your branches.
  • Exclusive eBooks on identity theft and cyber security for consumers and small businesses to generate business leads and reward existing members. eBooks can be customized with your logo, welcome message, and links to your web site. Please ask to see a sample.
  • Complete seminar kits to make it easy to organize and host local events for specific audiences including consumers, businesses, and schools.
  • A dedicated awareness and outreach program for small businesses.
  • Press release templates and media assistance to help generate local publicity.
  • Victim assistance kits.
  • Your logo featured prominently on the local Identity Theft Council web site as well as on the honor role on the national site.
  • Joint press releases.
If you'd like to learn more about how to become a member, please contact us.