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Meet some of our Counselors

Our Volunteer identity theft Counselors are biggest asset. We'd like you to meet some of them and learn why they got involved.

neal-ofarrellNeal O'Farrell is a nationally recognized security expert and a vocal advocate for the importance of better user education and awareness.

Neal began his career in information security nearly three decades ago and has taught security awareness to millions of end users and small business owners around the world.

An avid writer and author on security, Neal has authored more than 150 articles on security and has appeared in numerous publications around the world including CNN Money, BusinessWeek, SmartMoney, Information Week, the National Law Journal, and the South China Morning Post.

He is the author of "Double Trouble - Protecting Your Identity in an Age of Cybercrime," and "Think Security First - Cyber Security Essentials for Today's Small Business." He is a contributor to online security magazine Security Week, and to the identity theft blog ID Guardian.

Neal is Customer Security Advocate for Intersections, the leading provider of identity protection services that have protected more than 30 million consumers since 2000. Intersections operates the Identity Theft Assistance Center (ITAC) in Washington, a non-profit victim assistance service created six years ago for financial services companies to assist their customers. Learn more about Neal.


anne-madridAnne Madrid, in 19 years with the Hayward Police Department, spent 7 years working patrol and 4 years with Narcotics before she was promoted to Inspector in 2001. Anne has spent the majority of the last 12 years working financial crimes, including seizing drug proceeds from narcotics traffickers, identity theft, fraud, forgery, and financial elder abuse. She spent 2 years with the Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team (REACT) Task Force, one of five California Federal Task Forces, which specialize in large scale Identity Theft and Hi-Tech Investigations.

Anne routinely gives presentations to Law Enforcement, and businesses and community groups regarding identity theft.

Anne possess' a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice and is a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Specialists, California Financial Crimes Investigators Association and the High Tech Crime Investigators Association.


karen69Karen Lodrick was a victim of identity theft who chose to do the "legwork" to understand this crime – and ultimately captured her own identity thief. Now she's diligent in providing awareness to help others.

Karen has been a creative consultant, speaker, performer and writer for the past 17 years and it all began with a degree in Theater and Film.

She moved to San Francisco in 1997 and quickly was recruited into the dotcom craze. Her career path went from graphic design to writing, but when she was a victim of identity theft her life has never been the same.

When her bank didn't help her, when the police said they didn't have the resources, and the courts had no choice but to let her thief go with a criminal record a mile long; She decided to take matters into her own hands.

So, she did her own research and "legwork" to get a handle on this crime. Best of all she trusted her instincts and captured her identity theft. Today she works as an writer, blogger, and advocate for victims of this crime. Read Karen's amazing story as told by the San Francisco Chronicle.