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Become a Counselor

Our volunteer counselors are our most valuable asset.

As a counselor with your local Identity Theft Council, you’ll be asked to devote some time each month helping others in your community to recover from one of the most prolific and devastating financial crimes – identity theft.volunteer_training

Here’s how it works.

- When you sign up to become a counselor, you’ll be required to go through some basic training in identity theft response. Your job will be to help victims of identity theft through the process – of contacting creditors and credit bureaus, dealing with debt collectors, placing fraud alerts on credit reports etc.

These tasks are not difficult and no special experience is required. We’ll provide the training and backup and your local police department will also be there to help.

- You’ll be required to complete a basic course in identity theft prevention and resolution – lessons that will also help you to protect yourself and your family.

- Your local council will decide how victims are referred to you, but in most cases victims will be screened to determine the kind of support they’ll need and the best counselors to provide it.

- If you experience any difficulties in assisting a victim, or need answers to questions, you’ll always be able to call in other local counselors or contact our world class experts at our national Identity Theft Council.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you conduct background checks on counselors?

Yes. In order to protect victims we assist, all counselors must go through a background check (conducted by us at no expense to you).

Will I be compensated?

In most cases no. However, you will receive a certificate of appreciation as well as participation in appreciation events in your community. And all counselors will receive around-the-clock identity theft protection, as well as credit monitoring, at no cost courtesy of Intersections and Identity Guard.

Are there any particular skills or backgrounds that might help?

Volunteers of all backgrounds are welcome, because your time is the most valuable contribution you can make. Specific skills and experience are always an advantage though, and we especially welcome volunteers with a financial background (CPA for example), legal experience, business experience, or experience in law enforcement.


If you'd like to apply to become a volunteer counselor, please complete our short online form. If you'd like to learn more, please email Neal O'Farrell.

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If you're a victim of identity theft, you can get help now, at no cost, by calling the ITRC Victim Support Hotline at 1-888-400-5530 to speak to a live counselor.

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