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100 Cities In 100 Days Press Release 01/28/2015


100 Cities In 100 Days Wants To Bring The “Prevention Through Awareness” Message To Communities Nationwide

Wanut Creek California, January 28th 2015 - The Identity Theft Council, an award-winning nonprofit in the San Francisco bay area, today announced the launch of "100 Cities in 100 Days", a nationwide campaign focused on improving awareness about identity theft and online safety at a community level, and encouraging simple steps consumers can take to limit the impact and spread the awareness message.

The 100 Cities in 100 Days campaign wants to persuade at least 100 cities and communities across California and around the country to commit to doing at least one thing in the next 100 days to raise community awareness about identity theft and online safety.

Participating communities can host a seminar, webinar, or school presentation, distribute education materials, or anything else they feel would help spread the “prevention through education” message.

Participants and organizers in each community are expected to include city councils, police departments, Chambers of Commerce, local businesses, credit unions, community banks, and schools, and dozens of cities and communities have already signed up to participate.

"As an identity theft prosecutor, I see firsthand the devastation of the victims," said Vishal Bathija, Deputy District Attorney for the Santa Clara District Attorney’s office and at the heart of Silicon Valley. "Prevention is the only way to slow the emptied bank accounts and shattered families and it has to start, person by person, within our neighborhoods. Initiatives like '100 Cities' are critical in getting the word out. I urge every community to come together and fight back against identity thieves: through education."

"Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America, yet many people have little to no idea how it happens and how to protect themselves against it," said Identity Theft Council Founder Neal O'Farrell. "With the 100 Cities in 100 Days initiative, we want to get more consumers involved in their own protection so they don't join the estimated 45,000 victims impacted by this crime every single day."

The 100 Cities in 100 Days campaign will run from January 28th, 2015 through the end of April 2015. The initiative is supported by Credit Sesame, Malwarebytes, Lookout, the Identity Theft Resource Center and many other organizations.

About the Identity Theft Council
The non-profit Identity Theft Council was founded in 2010 on a simple premise – that every community, no matter how small, has resources that can be harnessed to combat identity theft: to help victims recover from the crime, to ease the burden on law enforcement, and to educate users about the many options they have to avoid the crime. The council aims to partner with law enforcement, security experts, and consumer groups to find more effective ways to support victims, train law enforcement, and educate the community. In 2011 the council was honored as the first non-profit to win the coveted SC Magazine Editor's Choice Award.

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